Losing a child is a family’s worst nightmare and there are no words for taking extra safety measures when it comes to pool, lake, hot tub, river, pond, and ocean SAFETY!!

The new Safety Angel alarms are strapped to a wrist and are a fabulous means of helping to reduce these tragedies.  What about the child who cannot and will not wear these items on his wrist?  Snappy Suits is designed with a provisionally patented pocket, strategically placed in the back of the suits! This alarm is the size of a quarter and slips into the back pocket or on the wristband. It is rechargeable and can also be set as a distance alarm for the wandering child at the beach.

Watch the swim alarm in action

Introducing the NEW Safety Angel Anti-Drown and Anti-Distance Alarm!

30% of deaths among children ages 12 months to 4 years old are from accidental drowning.  This is a statistic that MUST change!

There are over 8 million pools in the United States and over 6.4 million hot tubs & spas.  These accidental drownings often occur when family and friends are present, with no splashing or yelling.  Children inhale water and are immediately unable to react in order to get help or attention….and it can happen to children who are able to swim. These accidents are tragic lifelong nightmares and can happen in a blink of an eye, even to the best of parents.


There is NO substitute for direct and constant supervision of a child, but these drownings are still happening! The Safety Angel works like this:

There is a base station and 2 watches/transmitters, for two children and is multi-purpose: to help prevent drowning and alert a parent when the child is not near.

The alarms are fastened to a wristband, which can also slide off like changing a watch-band.  Snappy-suits have a strategically placed back pocket that snaps closed and holds this alarm for children to will not wear the band.

When the alarm is either submerged in water (should a child fall into a pool, lake, hot tub, pond, spa, ocean, etc) or when the child moves beyond a certain distance (set by the parent) the alarm is activated.  The distance alarm can be deactivated, so the water submersion alarm can be used solely.

The base station and watch have a rechargeable battery which sends a blinking alert when low.

Step 1 is to switch on the base unit; the two watches have automatic pairing.

The LCD screen conveniently displays picture representation for setting the distance at which the parent chooses (16 – 148 feet) and the choice to activate just the water alarm or both the water and distance alarm.

Step 2 is for one person to hold down “S” to set the distance of the alarm while another person walks the distance from 16 up to 148 feet.  Release the “S” at the desired distance.  Press “F” to immediately reach the farthest distance (148 feet).

Safety Angel Anti-Drowning Alarm combined with Anti-Distance Alarm is NOT a substitute for parents’ diligent supervision or adequate barriers to restrict the access of children to water hazards.  This device increases security; however, parents/guardians need to look after their children very carefully at all times.